Android Dual Function Water Pipe

Grav Labs

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To slab a dab or rip a bowl?

Decisions can be tough, but not for long! The Android, blown by Grav Labs in Austin Texas,  features two separate functions; one mouthpiece that leads to an internal body featuring a natural percolator (intended use with legal concentrates), while the other mouthpiece features an inline percolator where the water deflects off of the internal body used on the concentrate side (this side is intended to be used with dry herbs).

The side designed for concentrates features a 14mm male joint and comes with a 14mm female domeless quartz nail, while the opposing side has a 14mm female joint, which is accompanied with Grav Lab's 14mm male quartz bowl.  Essentially being two pieces in one, you'll never have to choose again.


  • Branded clear glass (Scientific)

  • Inline percolator
  • Thick glass
  • 60x5mm Borosilicate tubing
  • Domeless quartz nail
  • Grav Labs quartz bowl
  • Base Width: 4" (Already stated)
  • Height: 13"



Length: 13.0"  Width: 8"  Weight: 690 Grams



  • Limited Quantity and Availability.


      Designed in Austin, Texas

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