Q: Why must customers send a photo ID upon payment?

A: Our headshop complies with FDA regulations, therefore, we must use photo ID verification policy for users. The safety of minors and prevention of fraudulent purchases is extremely imperative to us. 


Q: How fast can a customer expect a package to be delivered? 

A: We try to aim for 5 - 7 business days, however, delays do happen from time to time. Packages will have to be signed for upon pickup and are unmarked. 

Q: Why is signature required upon pickup of the package?

A: The signature provides underage and fraudulent countermeasures aimed to protect everybody involved in the transaction. 


Q: What's the return policy on glass?

A: In most cases, if seven days have elapsed since you received the product, we do not issue returns.

This is because we can not determine whether the piece or accessory is still new. Cleanliness is an extremely high priority, however, we do understand that policy is a bit strict. Check the return policy for a more in-depth explanation. 

If you would like to get into further contact with us about this policy, feel free to email us.

Email: cloudninemgt@gmail.com


Q: What will my billing statement look like? 



Q: What happens if my glass breaks, is there a warranty policy? 

A: As of now, we offer no warranty policy on pipes. We do understand the pain of shattering your favorite piece though, if you bought your piece from us, we will send you a coupon applicable to your next purchase.  

Q: My package has not arrived, yet tracking says it's delivered?

A: Our packages require an 18+ signature upon pickup to ensure that there are no fraudulent or underage purchases. We understand this is not always the case, however. Take these steps the first 72 hours: 

  1. Verify the shipping address.
  2. Check your mailbox
  3. Look for a notice of attempted delivery around your door and general mail area.
  4. See if someone has accepted the delivery on your behalf.
  5. Packages can travel through multiple carriers, this can affect speeds of shipping.
  6. In rare cases, packages may say delivered up to 72 hours.


If 72 hours have elapsed, email us. In most cases, the postal carrier is able to locate your package. If the postal carrier cannot locate your package, we will work with the logistics team to ensure your package is located.