Pegasus Crescent Recycler with Propellor Perc

Sesh Supply

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The Sesh Supply “Pegasus” is an elegantly shaped 10” recycler that gets its name from the divine winged stallion of Greek myth. Don’t let its size fool you, this four armed recycler water pipe will have you soaring high without burning a hole in your wallet. 

The “Pegasus” Crescent Recycler is comprised of three distinctly stacked recycler chambers with an inverted spinning Propeller Perc at its base that whirls smoke around as you inhale. The larger chambers are interconnected by snaking recycler arms that create a seemingly endless multifacet recycling function.

Detailed with a colored bent neck mouthpiece and matching propeller perc, the Sesh Supply “Pegasus” Crescent Recycler will undoubtedly have you flying high above your clouds of cool smoke.. 

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